We have brought to the Market an absolute novelty in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic a comprehensive program of an effective approach to the prevention and healing of COVID -19
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Our business model is based on our expertise as inventors and producers. We are looking for business and marketing partners to sell our products worldwide. If you are not yet familiar with setting up a cooperation, please let us know about your situation and together we will find a mutually beneficial approach, terms and conditions to cooperate with us.

What we will do is just supply to you products based on EXW or CIP terms. You will need to make sure that you are compliant with local regulations. Standard package design can be adopted for your country legal requirements. Our prices are very reasonable for B2B collaborations (marketer and reseller) as this is our key strategy. Exclusivity distribution for territory is available on demand.
In this option, we will supply our products to you based on our cost of goods and you will market them on your territories. We will agree on price sharing and licensing fees or royalty. You will be fully free in marketing and have exclusivity for the territory.
Supply & Resell
Supply & Licensing
Business Options
We understand that there is a diversity of business setups but to simplify the context we defined below key options for fair and fruitful collaboration. Should you have your own vision – do not hesitate to share it with us. We are flexible and confident to find the appropriate solution for your case.
This will be your brand (marketer and brand owner). We will supply our products with your brand names (and other possible customizations). We can also combine this approach with Supply & Licensing or just do white labelling on fixed price as in Supply & Resell.
We help masterfully launch your own brands and compositions with our expertise in this area. We will be able to provide also design options and large choice of ingredients. The brand will be fully yours. We will handle the whole R&D, Production and Supply.
White Labelling
Private Labelling
You will get attractive sales commission %-age from any net sales from SP Service Pharma to the Prospective Business Partner you found, regardless the kind of partnering set up between SP Service Pharma and Prospective Business Partner. We set no limits on time or amount of Sales Commission until commercial operations are ongoing with the Prospective Business Partner. By increasing sales through the operator, you could increase your commission. You are free to find more than one Prospective Business Partner.
Sales Commission
Agent Options
We also see the opportunity to benefit those who would like to become our Agent
by connecting us to right Prospective Business Partners.
Both Entities and Individuals are recognized as an Agent.
New Business
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